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About the Author

Arvel Amaya is the author of His Own, Paranormal Crime Unit, Consent, Whatever You Want, and the forthcoming Outsiders series. Arvel wrote her first LGBT romance when she was in college working on a degree in creative writing while participating as an activist in her local college LGBT alliance. She's a firm believer in sexual freedom and finds erotica and romance gives her a chance to explore all nuances of sexuality and the relationships between different types of people. Plus, it's pretty damn hot. You can also follow her or twitter or email her through her Contact Me page. She enjoys hearing from her readers.


1. Who is your editor?
I use two editors. One is a dear friend of mine who enjoys editing my work.
The other, who is currently open for more work, is Sarah Barbour who you can contact at her website  or at aeroplanemedia @ gmail . com. Her rates are very reasonable and her turnaround is very, very fast. I highly recommend her.

2. Who does your covers?
Well there are two answers to that.

My covers are photographs from the incredibly talented, Andrei Vishnyakov who you can find at his site here. His photos are also available on stock photo places such as fotolia, shutterstock and dreamstime. I have talked with the photographer myself and got permission to use his images for my cover and have purchased some from him personally. Those images I didn't get from him, I got from stock image sites.

As to design, I currently design my own covers.

More Coming Soon! 

In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions here and I will try to answer them as well as add them to the FAQ. I will answer them as quickly as I can, as long as time permits.

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