Demon Marked

Here is information about my paranormal erotica series, Demon Marked.

Demon Marked (Demon Marked #1) - Demons aren't real. Wes knows this, but that doesn't seem to stop the sexy demon that has been haunting him from taking him wherever and whenever he wants. More and more he's waking up with lost time and memories of passionate encounters and his voice begging to submit. He's sure he's hallucinating, that is, until he finds out it's all real and that the demon has every intention of claiming him as his own.

 Length: approx. 9,100 words

Warnings: Hot erotic gay sex and a sexy alpha demon who takes what he wants.

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Other Stories set in the Demon Marked World

His OwnIt's Kit's nineteenth birthday and he has plans to seduce his sexy, older boss, Leon, but his plans fall apart when he discovers strange wing tattoos on his back. Suddenly, Kit is dodging demons and trying to figure out what happened to his normal life. Lost and scared, he runs to Leon for help, but Leon has his own secrets and has every intention of making Kit his.

Short Story Length: approx. 8,600 words.

Warnings: Hot erotic gay sex, spanking, and a 19-year-old with no idea what he's got himself into.


  1. Please more!!! Soon!!!!

    1. There shall be. It's in the works, just the holidays have slowed me down a bit. Hoping January will be recovery month in that regard. :)