Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Release ~ Gift at the End of the World

My new release is a quirky little Christmas story that I how you all will enjoy.

Eren has been in love with his best friend forever and he has finally decided to confess with the perfect Christmas gift. Unfortunately, getting the gift turns out to be tougher than he plans when while in the mall the end of the world happens. Now Eren must gather the courage to tell TJ how he feels while trying to survive at least three different apocalypses. 

Gift At The End Of The World is a story about love, the apocalypse, and doing whatever it takes to be with the one you love. 

Short Story Length: approx. 12,400 words

Warnings for Zombies, Meteors, and Crazy people.

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon | All Romance | Barnes and Noble

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