Monday, January 20, 2014

Wolf Heart Released! (And Update)

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I've had the chance to update. You all have been great and so patient regarding the delays in getting Wold Bonds 3 out. Thank you so much for waiting and for the wonderful emails I received. If I didn't answer your email, I'm sorry. Some got lost in the shuffle between this release and life's concern. Still, now Wolf Bonds 3 is finally out! I hope you enjoy!

Sid has never wanted a mate. Sex and fun has always been good enough for him. That is until he meets Bradley, the very human veterinarian that changed his world and pulled a bullet out of him all at the same time. 

Bradley always considered him a normal open-minded straight guy, but his life takes a drastic change when he finds a wounded wolf that isn’t a wolf at all. Instead he meets the witty and frustratingly gorgeous, Sid, who drives him crazy and has him chucking away every heterosexual notion he ever had. 

With Sid struggling to resist the claim and Brad determined to win him over, they both must decide the lengths they would go for each other.

Wolf Heart will be on sale for 2.99 until the end of February before returning to it's normal price of 3.99.

EDIT: It looks like Wolf Heart is an ARe bestseller! Thanks everyone!!!

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