Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Release - Burning Touch (Paranormal Crime Unit: The Touch #2)

The second book in the PCU: The Touch Series is out! I hope you enjoy Burning Touch.

Henri Abbey isn't good at relationships and trying to figure out how to handle dating a man who is surrounded in mystery is starting to become more than he thinks he can handle. When a psychic convention rolls into town and brings with it a string of murdered victims burned alive, Henri has the perfect excuse to avoid Micah, but things don't go as plan when Henri's friend, Allison, ends up becoming intertwined in the crime.

Searching for answers to keep Allison out of trouble and having to deal with working with a cop who hates psychics, the risks grow even higher when Henri discovers he's on the trail of a psychic fire starter. As Henri juggles psychics, TV mediums, and hints of his past, he must decide if staying with Micah is worth the risk of his heart.

 Novella Length: Approx. 26,900 words

 Burning Touch is a gay paranormal romance with mystery, suspense, and explicit content.

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