Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Numbers (Info for M/M Writers) 9/2012 Update

The Numbers has been updated with info for Sept. 2012.  I plan to update that page monthly around this time. You'll only see updates on The Numbers once a month, since I want to make sure I keep this blog a resource for my readers first.

Here is a short summary of what September was like.

It was a slow month and my sales were down from last month, but I expected that, because I no longer had my 0.99 cent story boosting sales. It went back to its regular price of 2.99. Still, sales might have been even worst without the new releases of Consent 2: Submit and Wolf Bonds. Those two releases helped save my month and also helped me to make as much money as last month. Despite lower sales, money was actually a little higher than last month.

I also saw a spike in sales for my books Unseen Touch and Burning Touch due to the review from the book blog Brief Encounters. I'm very grateful that Jenre decided to review Unseen Touch and even more so that she liked it enough to give it a positive review.

Still, what worked the best in bringing in sales was more releases.

I also made a few mistakes this month, mostly it was concerning Wolf Bonds. The edit wasn't done by my usual editor and from some of the reviews it shows. It's currently going through a re-edit and I'm hoping to update it this weekend.

That's it for The Numbers. Feel free to ask questions here or email me. The actual numbers is on The Numbers page.

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