Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Release ~ A Touch of You ~ On Sale for 0.99

My newest release is A Touch of You (Paranormal Crime Unit: The Touch #0). It's on sale for 0.99.

There are some things you can't run from.

When Micah finds himself the witness to a horrible car accident, he discovers a young psychic and the beginning of a romance that spans decades and a love that can cross lifetimes.

Short Story Length: Approx. 8,900 words

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon | All Romance | Barnes and Noble

Originally, I was planning to put this short story out after PCU #1, but things happened and I went on to focus on PCU #2 instead. Then inspiration hit and I was able to get PCU #0 the way I liked it. So here it is. You can read this story first (I would actually recommend reading it first if you haven't started the series) or in any order you like. Enjoy! 

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