Friday, September 28, 2012

New Release ~ Wolf Bonds (Plus Brief Encounters review!)

Introducing the first book in my wolf shifter series, Wolf Bonds.

Gael Patricks is Wolf Blood - a human who is fated to bond with an Alpha wolf whether he wants to or not. When the shifter pack that has raised him is taken over by an abusive Alpha, Gael is forced to run in order to protect his pack. He never expected to run into the arms of another Alpha, but Gael refuses to give in to his attraction to the shifter. Despite what the Alpha says, Gael knows the shifter is only drawn to him because he is Wolf Blood.

Dusk has always been on his own and he wants to keep it that way. When crossing through shifter territories, the one thing Dusk didn't expected was to find his mate. The pull to the man is instant, but Dusk knows it's dangerous to get involved. Even so, he finds himself trying to prove to Gael that it's not the Wolf Blood he wants, but Gael.

On the run from their past and fearful of their future, Gael and Dusk must decide whether to ignore their bond in order to protect the people they love or to risk it all to keep each other.

Length: Approx. 26,400 words

Originally, the Wolf Bonds Series wasn't supposed to happen until I had finished up one of my other series. The problem was inspiration struck and wouldn't let go, so Wolf Bonds got release and more books in the series will come. Wolf Bonds will follow wolf shifters as they find their mates and deal with the problems in their lives. I hope you'll enjoy the series. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, the first novel in my PCU series was reviewed by Brief Encounters. You can see the review for Unseen Touch here!

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