Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unseen Touch on Sale for 2.99

Unseen Touch is on sale from 3.99 to 2.99 for the rest of September. It is already available for the sale price on All Romance and Smashwords. The sales starts on Labor Day (Sept. 3) for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Unseen Touch (Book 1) - For psychic, Henri Abbey, trouble is never far away. It has been nearly two years since Henri resigned from Orlando's Paranormal Crime Unit, but he can't manage to leave his detective days behind. When a witch comes into his shop asking for help finding her missing assistant, Henri is suddenly thrown into a case where the victims are found dead inside a locked room. The cause of death? Internal bleeding.

Things just get worse when Henri finds himself drawn to the main crime suspect, Micah James. Micah is the only person Henri has been able to touch in the last two years without being swamped with memories. When Micah shows that he wants Henri just as much as Henri want him, Henri has to figure out how to deal with his intense attraction. But that soon becomes only one of his worries when he discovers he's the next target on the murderer's list.

Novella Length: Approx. 19,600 words

Unseen Touch is a gay paranormal romance with mystery, suspense, and explicit content.

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon  | All Romance | Barnes and Noble 

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