Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Release ~ Whatever You Want

Today I released my novel, Whatever You Want. Whatever You Want was one of my first LGBT novels and it was a novel that encouraged me to take the step into writing LGBT romances. I hope you'll enjoy it. Unlike my previous releases, this is a romance novel instead of an erotica short story, but it does have plenty of steamy sex. It also has a special bonus scene link. Check it out!

Alex and Step have been best friends most of their lives, but their friendship starts to fall apart when Step finds out Alex's secret - Alex has fallen for Step's boyfriend. But Alex isn't the only one with secrets. Step has been in love with his best friend for years, and now he must decide whether to fight for Alex's love or let him go.

Surrounded by a group of quirky friends whose schemes cause more damage than they help, Alex and Step must discover exactly what it is they really want and decide if they have the courage to take it.

Whatever You Want is a gay romance novel that delves into the struggles of friendship and the sacrifices people make for love.

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