Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three Smashwords (and Amazon) Releases

My first three stories are now available on Smashwords! They'll be arriving in more outlets soon. I'll update with more information. UPDATE: Now on amazon!

Consent (Consent #1) - On a planet where homosexuality is forbidden fruit, he has always longed for the touch of a man, but being a pleasure slave wasn't how he expected his life to turn out. Now he is being sold to the highest bidder and he has caught the eye of two Masters who want nothing more to make him submit in every possible way.

 Length: approx. 9,400 words

Warning: Hot erotic gay sex, digital orgies, threesomes, light BDSM and a pleasure slave that gets more than he bargains for.

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon

Demon Marked (Demon Marked #1) - Demons aren't real. Wes knows this, but that doesn't seem to stop the sexy demon that has been haunting him from taking him wherever and whenever he wants. More and more he's waking up with lost time and memories of passionate encounters and his voice begging to submit. He's sure he's hallucinating, that is, until he finds out it's all real and that the demon has every intention of claiming him as his own.

 Length: approx. 9,100 words

Warnings: Hot erotic gay sex and a sexy alpha demon who takes what he wants.

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon

Pieces of You - Hot playboy, Aden, has never had a problem getting what he wants and what he wants is Daniel, the sculptor with the sexy blue eyes that has been watching him all night. After a hot and heavy session in an alley, Aden gets his man...sort of. Aden finds himself addicted to Daniel, but Daniel only cares about his statues. Aden never expected to be dealing with his own personal Pygmalion, but Aden's not use to losing and he's going to make sure that Daniel knows exactly just how good a real man can be.

Length: approx. 7,600 words.

Warning: Hot erotic gay sex and a sculptor with very good hands.

Buy it at: Smashwords | Amazon

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